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‘Israel’ Sees President Assad’s Speech Announces Victory, Netanyahu Pleads Russian Help



The Syrian President Bashar Assad’s speech on Sunday confused and frustrated the Zionist circles which viewed it as announcing victory over the terrorist groups in Syria.

The Israeli analysts said that President Assad appeared to be stronger than ever despite all the estimations made by Israeli officials about his demise.

They added that the Zionist entity is going to face a complication situation after the victory of the axis of Resistance in the region over the terrorist groups, noting that this will push ‘Israel’ to take stricter measures in order to protect ‘its’ security interests.

Such developments may threaten the current conditions in the occupied Golan Heights, according to the analysts who also said that Iran and its allies will represent a major threat to the Zionist interests in the area.

The Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to urgently visit Moscow on Wednesday in order to discuss with the Russian officials the ceasefire in southern Syria and reiterate the Israeli rejection for the deal.

The Zionist circles considers that the deal grants Hezbollah and Iran the chance to keep their military deployment near the occupied Golan Heights, which exposes ‘Israel’ to the threat of facing a war launched from two fronts (southern Lebanon and the occupied Golan Heights) simultaneously.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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