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ISIL Suffers Heavy Casualties in Clashes with Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur



At least 32 members of the ISIL terrorist group were killed and many more were wounded in clashes with the Syrian Army troops and popular forces in the mountainous region of the Southern part of Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian government forces’ anti-terrorism operation near al-Tharda mountain ended in the killing of at least 32 ISIL terrorists and inflicted major damage on their military equipment too.

The Syrian army also repelled offensives of the ISIL on the government forces’ positions from Haweija al-Saker to penetrate into al-Sina’ah district, which claimed the lives of scores of terrorists.

In relevant developments in the Eastern province on Sunday, the ISIL strongholds near the strategic Deir Ezzur airbase and Southwestern countryside of the city came under massive bombardments of the Syrian army’s aircraft, in which not only scores of the ISIL terrorists were killed or wounded but the group’s armored vehicles were destroyed in large scale.

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