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Israel might target Iran’s humanitarian aid shipments to Syria: Report

An unnamed Israeli military official has told a Saudi-owned outlet that Tel Aviv will not hesitate to bomb Iran’s humanitarian aid shipments to the quake-hit Syria.

Speaking to Elaph online newspaper, the official claimed that Iran seeks to “take advantage of the tragic situation” to send weapons and equipment to the Lebanon-based resistance movement Hezbollah.

The unnamed official also said Israel has “intelligence” to back up the claim, as the Israeli military has “intensified its monitoring by air, land, and sea of everything that Iran is transporting to Syria.”

Iran has been one of the leading countries providing humanitarian assistance to Syria since a 7.8-magnitude quake devastated the country’s northwestern region.

Israel regularly carries out airstrikes on various targets inside Syria, but it rarely comments on them.

The threat comes just two weeks after Israeli drones targeted an Iranian convoy of over two dozen trucks carrying foodstuff from Iraq into Syria.

In December, Israel’s then military chief of staff Aviv Kochavi confirmed the regime was behind an early November 2022 attack on an Iranian fuel convoy heading to Lebanon near the Syria-Iraq border. That attack targeted a convoy of 22 tankers carrying Iranian fuel that had just entered Syria from Iraq.

Syria has lodged complaints with the United Nations and other international bodies over the issue.

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