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IRGC Commander: Iran not to let any American threat unanswered

Saying that Tehran is not after war, IRGC’s chief commander warned on Wednesday that Iran will not leave any American threat unanswered.

Addressing the National Congress for the Commemoration of the 24,000 Martyrs from Tehran on Wednesday, Major General Hossein Salami termed Tehran as the city of standing, grandeur, and civilization.

Referring to great commanders martyred in the country, Salami said that Tehran is a starry sky on Earth with its martyrs.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he reacted to recent developments between Iran and the US, saying, “We are not after war, but will defend ourselves and our glory.”

“We hear some threats from the words of US officials; we tell them no threat will go unanswered,” he added.

Salami also hailed that Iran today is great, strong, and advanced.

“Palestine is on the way to victory and the Zionists cannot keep a small land in the war for months and they will lose,” he added.

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