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Islamic Revolution gave a new sense to being a woman

The provisional Friday Prayers leader in Tehran said that the Islamic Revolution in Iran has created a new image and concept of women which can be used as a role model for all other societies.

Speaking during this week’s Friday prayers in the Iranian capital, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Javad Haj Ali-Akbari hailed the Islamic Revolution in Iran for giving a new sense to the concept of woman.

Tehran Friday Prayers interim leader added that the Iranian women after the revolution have been present in the society by taking different roles.

He said while in the west, women are objectified as property, the Iranian and Islamic cultures bring women into society while they are being respected, unlike the Western culture that objectifies them.

He said that Islamic Iran created a new concept for women which is neither western nor eastern. “The third way of being a woman is put forward in comparison with the Eastern and Western models.”

“This shining model challenged the dominant Western logic about women and attracted the attention of the world, especially educated women in the farthest parts of the world in the East and West, and lined up against Western colonialism and exploitation of women.”

He went on to point to the recent riots in Iran saying that the Western enemies mobilized all their force to weaken Islam’s sense of woman, noting that the Iranina women said “no” to their attempts and foiled their plots.

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