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ISIS defeat looming in Mosul as the Iraqi Army captures 3 neighborhoods



Iraqi Joint Operations Room officially announced that the Iraqi Army had liberated an additional three neighborhoods in western Mosul, namely; Al-Danadan, Tal Al-Ruman and Dawasa districts.

Effectively, the Iraqi Army’s Rapid Response Units, Counter-Terrorism Units and Federal Police Force have expelled ISIS from central Mosul, leaving the terror group in control of merely the northwestern sector of the city.

Following up on these gains, the Iraqi Armed Forces stormed the neighboring Al-Mualameen and Al-Shuhada suburbs.

Fierce clashes continue at the Al-Mansour district which still holds a few ISIS sniper nests and jihadist sleeper cells, clawing onto roughly 10% of the neighborhood.


Meanwhile, the Iraq Army’s 9th Division and Popular Mobilization Units’ (PMU) Abbas Brigade also liberated the village of Al-Thalja, northwest of Mosul, thereby cementing their grip on ISIS’ recently severed supply line to Tal Afar.


Since beginning the Mosul offensive last October, the Iraqi Air Force has conducted 3,780 sorties against ISIS militants in the Nineveh governorate, averaging 26 airstrikes a day.

At the moment, Iraqi government forces have liberated roughly 85% of Mosul.

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