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ISIL’s Senior Non-Syrian Emir Killed in Southwestern Dara’a


Abu Walid Mesri, an Egyptian Emir (commander) of the ISIL terrorist group, was killed in the Syrian Army troops’ operation in Hawz Yarmouk region in Southwestern Dara’a on Monday.

The army men, covered by artillery and missile fire, stormed ISIL’s strongholds in the small town of al-Shajara in Hawz Yarmouk and captured several key areas near the main base of the terrorists in region, killing a large number of terrorists, including Abu Walid Mesri, the Egyptian commander of them.

The army men further cut off the supply lines to the terrorists’ positions in al-Shajara, destroying their positions and bases.

The army soldiers, meantime, destroyed several suicide vehicles of the ISIL that tried to block the army’s dvance.

Local sources reported on Sunday that more than 230 ISIL terrorists were killed and hundreds more wounded in the army’s massive operation in Hawz Yarmouk region in Southwestern Dara’a that started ten days ago.

The sources further said that the army men have now fortified their newly-captured positions in the region, repelling several heavy attacks of the ISIL.

They went on to say that less than 10 villages and small towns are still under ISIL’s control in Hawz Yarmouk.

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