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Mikdad: Israeli crimes are identical to those committed by fascism

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said that Israeli occupation crimes in Gaza Strip are identical and even surpass those committed by fascism during World War II.

“Those who supported Israeli occupation with Balfour Declaration or voted to recognize this entity will regret soon, and they will realize that they committed a crime against their countries and all of humanity,” Mikdad wrote on X Saturday.

“Over the past two weeks, Israeli occupation killed 3,000 children, destroyed approximately half of the houses in Gaza Strip, and deprived the people there from water, medicine, electricity, communications, Internet to cover up war crimes and crimes against the humanity that the occupation is committing against them or will commit later,” Mikdad added.

Mikdad noted that instead of protecting the interests of Western colonial countries in the region, “Israel” has become a moral, military, political, financial, economic and humanitarian burden for these countries.

Mikdad noted that the administrative apparatus of the United Nations that has long polished Israel’s image is now required to defend the credibility of the UN Secretary-General in response to the insult directed to him by a Zionist beggar in his capacity as ambassador representing a fascist government.

“Israel” surpassed fascism with its crimes during the Second World War, the Minister concluded.

Shaza Qreima

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