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Iran’s Growth Rate in Science Production no.1 in the world

Head of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) Mohammad Javad Dehqani stressed that Iran has pioneered in scientific growth among the world states.

“According to the latest data analysis of Clarivate Analytics, Iran science production has amounted to 52,183 articles in 2017,” Dehqani said on Saturday.

He added that the figure shows an 8.9% growth compared to 2016’s 47,901, noting that Russia (6.7%) and China (4.3%) stand the second and the third in the ranking, respectively.

Dehqani said that the number of scientific articles written by the Iranian scientists stood at 30,947 in 2012 and it increased to 52,183 in 2017, and added that the figures show a growth of more than 60% in five years.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Dehqani announced that Iran stood atop the Muslim nations in production of science.

“A look at the latest data presented by the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) indicates that the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks first in science production among Muslim states and has produced over 22% of the Islamic countries’ scientific productions,” Dehqani said.

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