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Syrian Army in Control of 70 Percent of Dara’a Province

The Syrian Army troops continued their advances against terrorists along the border with Jordan on Tuesday, liberating more than seventy percent of lands in Dara’a province.

The army men continued massive operations against the terrorists in Western Dara’a and captured more lands along the borderline with Jordan to the border village of Zeizoun, moving towards al-Hayt township Northwest of Dara’a city.

If the army units capture al-Hayt, they will impose full control over the entire borderline with Jordan and extend their rule to the ISIL-held region of Hawz al-Yarmouk.

The army’s advances in Southwestern Dara’a and their siege on Dara’a city have also enabled the pro-government forces to lay siege on other terrorists in Western Dara’a.

Also, a military source said that a sum of 72 percent of Dara’a territory is now under the army’s control, adding that almost 6 percent of lands are still under ISIL’s control and 21 percent under the control of other terrorist groups.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced in its latest report on Monday that militants in more regions in Dara’a and Sweida provinces handed over their weapons to relevant officials and ended fight with the Syrian army.

The Center reported that 15 towns in Dara’a and a town in Sweida province have joined the peace plan.

It added that totally 75 regions in Dara’a province joined the peace plan, increasing the number of such regions in Southwestern Syria to 90.

Meantime, nearly 1,000 terrorists and their family members were due to be transferred from Southern Syria to other regions.

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