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Iranian ballistic attack globally unprecedented: Israeli media

The consequences of the Iranian response continue to reverberate within the occupation entity, with Israeli media uncovering what the occupation government seeks to conceal regarding the operation’s danger to “Israel” and its significance.

Israeli Channel 13 said that no country in the world has ever carried out an attack of as great a magnitude using ballistic missiles as Iran did.

According to the channel’s political commentator, Ari Shavit, the concern stems from Iran’s acquisition of capabilities akin to those of a superpower.

Shavit observed a shift in the previous hypothesis regarding Iran, suggesting that its policy of strategic patience had shifted. Consequently, he emphasized the need for “Israel” to take highly calculated steps, adding that “Israel” is obligated to solidify the “Western Arab-Israeli alliance” due to the magnitude of the event, which necessitates the unification of all powers involved.

Israeli media highlighted that “the studios exploded from arrogance and conceit,” likening “Israel” to “a reckless chess player, brimming with confidence, taking several steps forward, each worse than the last.”

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