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Terrorists in Four More Region Quit Fight against Syrian Gov’t



The Peace Coordination Center in Syria said militants in four more regions have given up fight against the Syrian army and joined the peace agreement with Damascus.

The Center declared in its latest statement that militants in two regions in Lattakia and two more regions in Hama have joined the nationwide reconciliation plan.

The statement further added that the total number of the cities, towns, regions and villages that have joined the reconciliation process now stands at 887.

In late October, the center announced that militants in fifteen towns ended fight against the Syrian army and joined a peace agreement with Damascus.

Again in October, militant groups in eight towns laid down arms under a peace agreement with the government.

“Five towns in Lattakia, two towns in Hama and one in Homs have agreed to end fight against the Syrian government,” the Russian Coordination Center said in a statement at the time.

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