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Poll Results Slap Normalization Regimes: 84% of Arabs Reject Recognition of ‘Israel’

The Arab people again manifest firm rejection of recognizing ‘Israel’ and normalizing ties with the Zionist entity after the conspicuous demonstration of opposition to any rapprochement attempt in Qatar’s World Cup.

The largest opinion poll in the Arab World showed that 84% of Arabs refuse recognition of ‘Israel’ over political as well as cultural considerations.

The results of the largest opinion poll of its kind in the Arab world have been released by The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) with almost 33 thousand respondents across 14 Arab countries and more than 900 researchers taking part.

84% of citizens oppose their home countries’ recognition of ‘Israel’, citing political reasons as opposed to religious or cultural ones. This opposition remains overwhelmingly high despite the normalization agreements with Israel by UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan signed in 2020.

A vast majority of respondents consider the policies of ‘Israel’ (84%) and the United States (78%) a threat to the security and stability of the Arab region, while 57% of respondents consider Iranian and Russian policies a threat to the region.

The Zionist paper, Jerusalem Post, commented on the poll findings, stressing that they indicate the failure of the normalization deals to change the stance of the Arab people towards ‘Israel’.

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