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Iranian-American Spy Arrested in Northern Iran



The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced in a statement on Wednesday that it has arrested a dual nationality Iran-American in the city of Gorgan in Iran’s Northern Golestan province.

The person, whose name has not been released in the statement, has been arrested in Gorgan city in mid-July on charges of cooperation with enemy states, acting against Iran’s national security and relationship with counterrevolutionary elements.

No further details is available yet.

In a relevant development in mid June, IRGC announced that it had arrested an Iranian-British national at Imam Khomeini International Airport for spying charges.

Nazanin Zaghari was arrested by the IRGC’s Kerman Province Intelligence Department at Imam Khomeini International Airport on April 3 while she was trying to leave the country and was later transferred to Kerman for her involvement in a regime change plot, the IRGC statement read.

“One of the heads of the (spying) networks affiliated with foreign countries who had conducted different missions in line with the realization of the heinous objectives of the enemies of the Islamic establishment has been identified and captured,” the statement added.

The statement went on to say that the foreign news media, specially those of Britain have tried in recent months to disrupt the IRGC’s determination through their media hype, but to no avail.

The statement said Zaghari is a member of foreign entities and had cooperated in designing and staging media and cyber projects with the ultimate goal of of overthrowing the Islamic Republic.

It noted that Zaghari has been conducting her offenses under the direction and support of media and spy services of foreign governments for years.

It noted that the IRGC has been monitoring the activities of all teams and elements of the foreign intelligence services in recent months and will release further details in the near future.

“The enemies and ill-wishers of the Islamic Revolution should know that the IRGC’s intelligence officers are in full control of their hostile activities in the cyberspace and they will resolutely deal with all elements and networks of foreign countries,” the statement said.

Zaghari, 37, was arrested at Tehran airport on April 3 as she prepared to return to Britain.

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