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West applying double standards to Bahrain: Activist



An activist believes the West is applying “double standards” to Bahrain, adding that it has not “lifted a finger” to help Bahraini people since the 2011 uprising in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.   

“It is a fact that the Al Khalifah regime in Bahrain has clamped down brutally and repressed the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain since 2011 and thousands of people have been arrested, many people have been completely illegally stripped of their citizenship, people have been sentenced to death and the sentences have been carried out. So it is a travesty of human rights that has taken place in Bahrain,” Ken Stone Hamilton, member of the Coalition to Stop the War told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.

“Western governments have a selective empathy towards civilians in other countries. If the countries are friendly to the United States, they turn a blind eye, if the countries are not friendly to the US or the US is not friendly towards them, the US and its allies become involved in things like regime change … In Bahrain, the West has done nothing to help create a new government, to answer the demands of the people of Bahrain for democracy and for the release of the prisoners, for amends to the family of those that the government has killed and to bring about change in government ,” he added.

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