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Iranian adviser martyred during skirmishes with terrorists in Aleppo

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A retired Iranian general, Ahmad Gholami, succumbed to his wounds around noon today after suffering a gunshot injury in the morning during clashes with Jaish al-Fateh insurgents.

Gholami commandeered a unit of paramilitary Iranian militants who fight alongside Syrian government troops in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

Previously, Ahmad Gholami served with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – an élite branch of the Iranian Armed Forces – but had retired for several years only to return to the Syrian battlefield in late 2015.

Ahmad Gholami often led his troops from the frontline, ultimately leading to his own demise.

Fierce clashes are still ongoing in southern Aleppo – the Syrian Arab Army and pro-government paramilitary factions are making headway as we speak, especially at t

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