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Iran: US sanctions on IRGC strategic mistake



Any US Sanctions against the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) would be a strategic mistake, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi warned on Monday.

“Our position would be declared if new sanctions are approved in US Congress, but our general position is against any sanctions by countries against other countries,” Bahram Qasemi said in his press conference, referring to US new sanctions against Iran being discussed in the Congress.

Sanction is an unjust, ineffective means, he pointed out, noting that in the past, Iran was able to use its capacities more than before in many sectors despite facing sanctions.

Foreign Ministry spokesman described the US measures, including sanctions, as “unacceptable” and affirmed that such moves do nothing but escalate tensions and hostilities.

“The moves mean hostility towards a nation that has recently held a glorious election, and shows their reaction to Iran in comparison to them dealing with the dictators whose only asset is their petrodollars,” he argued.

“US administration has not refrained from hostility and stubbornness towards Iran and has proved that it is not trustworthy,” Qassemi said.

He wnt on to say that the US is trying to deny Iran the advantages of the nuclear agreement.

Pointing out that Iran is a country that makes its way without relying on others, the spokesman added that the country’s authority worries them and the US is concerned that the power will rise in the future.

They might resort to anything, but sanctioning IRGC is a strategic mistake, he affirmed.

As to any possible talks between the US and Iran, the spokesman said that Iran is suspicion of the US, and for any future talks with Washington, “we should consider to see if it is possible, or not.’

‘Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Americans proved that they are not trustworthy, and they made the wall of distrust higher by their lack of commitment towards the nuclear agreement,” he asserted.

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