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Iran to sue Saudi Arabia over Mina tragedy: Justice Minister


Justice Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi on Thursday said the country is intent on filing a lawsuit at international courts against Saudi Arabia for the deaths of hundreds of Iranian pilgrims in a deadly crush in Mina, near Mecca, last year.
Pourmohammadi told IRIB that Iran is pursuing the matter and considering various ways to refer the case to international circles.
He said complaints from the families of victims of the Mina tragedy have been received, adding that Iran plans to bring charges against Saudi Arabia.
Since the complaint has been filed against another country, Iranian courts cannot deal with the case and prosecute the Riyadh regime, he explained.
The minister also noted that while Iran is proceeding with legal measures with the help of lawyers and jurists, the main steps should be taken by the country’s diplomatic bodies, noting that the Judiciary will also help accelerate the process.
The main obstacle in the way of this legal action is that the Saudi government does not obey the international legal rules and that its local courts also lack independence, Pourmohammadi went on to say.
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