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Iran slams Kabul, Baghdad terrorist attacks



Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has strongly condemned recent terrorist attacks in Baghdad and Kabul.

Ghasemi, while slamming recent blasts in Iraq’s Baghdad and Afghanistan’s Kabul which left tens of innocent people dead and injured, sympathized with Iraqi and Afghan governments and people.

“The ideological roots behind Takfiri-terrorist groups have targeted stability and security of regional countries and, amidst silence and indifference of the international community, take lives of hundreds of innocent people on a daily basis,” he added.

Violent and terrorist acts of these groups will continue as well as that the world will observe continuous pain and suffering of the innocent and hapless people as long as the international community lacks determination to identify roots of Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorism and fails to cut supports of their sponsors.

Iran’s FM spokesman warned that further delay in treatment of the malignant disease would lead to its spread all over the world causing new, more serious and dangerous challenges which will be more difficult to deal with.

Ghasemi, once more, urged the international community, including countries and international organizations, to carry out their legal duties and responsibilities as well as to put into practice their humanitarian and ethical mission in actual combat against the inhumane threat of terrorism.

The official urged them to end their indifference to ongoing crimes and countries who back these groups before it is too late for taking actions.

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