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Battle for southwest Syria ends in decisive victory for Syrian Army – map


The battle for southwest Syria has ended in a decisive victory for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) after nearly a month of intense fighting in the Daraa and Al-Quneitra governorates.

Led by the 4th Division and Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army began their long-awaited offensive by capturing the entire Al-Lajat Plateau, which is located in the northeastern countryside of the Daraa Governorate.

Following the capture of the Al-Lajat Plaeau, the Syrian Arab Army made their way towards the strategic Nassib Crossing in order to retake the Daraa Governorate’s large border with Jordan.

The battle for the Nassib Crossing would only last for a few days, as the Syrian Arab Army would take control of the border and several towns nearby, including the historical city of Busra Al-Sham.

Once the Nassib Crossing was secured, the Syrian Army shifted their attention to the provincial capital, for what was expected to be a long battle.

There would be no long battle, as the rebel fores quickly gave up all of the territory they controlled to reinforce the northwestern countryside of the Daraa Governorate.

The battle for northwest Daraa would also be a short one, despite the fact the rebels had the territorial advantage in what is called the “Death Triangle.”

The Syrian Army quickly took control of the Death Triangle and the strategic hilltop of Tal Al-Harrah, which ultimately led to the fall of Al-Quneitra and the complete rebel surrender.

With the rebels out of the way, the Syrian Army shifted their focus to the large pocket controlled by the ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khaled bin Walid forces in the Yarmouk Basin.

Similar to all of the previous battles during this offensive, the Syrian Arab Army would take control of this area in less than ten days, resulting in their victory in southwest Syria.

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