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Iran has no redline in its response to zionist regime

Iran is not after initiating war, an Iranian official said, warning that there is no red line in Iran's response to the Israeli regime.

Speaking in an interview with Aljazeera, an Iranian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity reacted to the Israeli regime’s recent stances against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities means igniting a large-scale war, the consequences of which the Zionist regime must bear, the official said.

The official further noted, “Israel’s remarks about preparing to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities are official terrorism accompanied by international silence.”

Saying that Iranians are not warmakers, the Iranian official added that the countries in the world should know that there is no red line in Iran’s response to Israel.

The Israeli regime is trying to justify its aggression against Syria and is worried that Damascus will strengthen its air defenses with the help of Iran, the official also said.

The regime is struggling with an unprecedented internal weakness but it is trying to show itself strongly, the official added.

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