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Iran Develops New Technology to Cure Blood Cancer

Iranian researchers have for the first time managed to unveil new gene therapy technology to treat blood cancer patients, an official confirmed.

An official from the Iranian Presidency’s Office for Science and Technology said on Tuesday that Iranian medical scientists had spent some seven years developing the new gene therapy method for treating blood cancer.

Amir Ali Hamidieh stated the success rate of the treatment stands at nearly 70 percent.

An Iranian startup company has developed the treatment method which had remained in the monopoly of two multinational companies, Hamidieh continued.

He added the method has been tested for the first time on a blood cancer patient in Iran after it was approved by Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly in medical and medicinal fields, in recent years.

Iranian materials engineering researchers from Sharif University of Technology have recently produced a biosensor for the early diagnosis of cancer.

The sensor was made of nanostructured materials, and has high sensitivity and stability while it can be produced through a cost-effective method.


Iranian scientists have also developed special kits to separate and count the cancer cells in patients’ blood.

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