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Hamas: latest war on Gaza unveiled Israel’s criminality



Spokesman of Hamas Movement, Abdul Latif al-Qanou’, said in a statement on Friday on the 3rd anniversary of the latest Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip that the Palestinian resistance is stronger today than before.

Qanou’ affirmed that the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza reflected Israel’s criminality, stressing that the Palestinian people will continue to resist the occupation and fight for their legitimate rights.

Israel waged on 8th July 2014 a 51-day military attack on the Gaza Strip killing 2,320 Palestinians including more than 500 children. Nearly 12,000 residential buildings were completely destroyed while 160,000 others were partially damaged, 6,600 of which were no longer habitable.

Since the end of the war in August, only 40% of the houses completely destroyed have been reconstructed, according to the most recent statistics released by the Gaza Ministry of Public Works and Housing in March 2017.

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