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International Peace Activists Group delegation visits sites of terrorist attacks in Homs

20140412-175852 (1)A delegation from the International Peace Activists Group arrived Saturday in Homs city to convey to the whole world true image about suffering of the Syrians under crisis.
Head of the delegation, Mairead Maguire said the visit is intended to solidify humanitarian solidarity with Syrian people and to signal support to an immediate end to terrorist acts in this “lovely country.”
She said peace activists came from all over the world to say no to terrorism targeting Syrian people and to back national reconciliation efforts, calling on countries which support terrorism to stop sending terrorists and arms to Syria.
Dr. Declan Heeze, a peace activist, said the importance of the visit to Homs city comes from its being one of cities that have borne the brunt of takfiri terrorism, saying “We saw with our own eyes the tears of mothers and children…We will tell the British people about what we saw”
Takfiris must return to their countries and leave Syria alone…Syrian people are civilized and peace loving, and will steer their country back to normal life, he added.
The activist Suhair Shaarawi said the delegation members are “pilgrims of peace” who came to Syria to send a clear message that all world nations stand with Syrian people in their ordeal.
Mohammad Reza Zaeri, from Iran, said Syrian people are endowed with a unique and unbreakable will, adding that problems in Syria have no religious or confessional roots but political ones that came from the US and Israel.
The delegation then visited schools complex in Ekrema neighborhood in Homs city, inspecting the site on which terrorists fired mortar rounds on January 11th 2012, claiming the lives of 8 civilians and French journalist Gilles Jacquier, and injuring 25.
Martyrs’ family members gathered in the site holding photos of their loved ones who lost their lives due to terrorist acts, expressing pride in the martyrdom of their sons and voicing readiness to offer more sacrifices if need be.
The delegation also visited the site of the two recent terrorist bombins in Karm al-Louz neighborhood, inspecting the damage caused by them and offering condolences to the victims’ families.
Mother Agnes Mary of the Cross, head of Catholic Media Center said from the site of the double terrorist bombings that Syria will remain land of tolerance and fraternity, expressing grief over the destruction that was wrought to houses.
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