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Legends of North: the Story of Ming Airport of Aleppo

530a51d30f26d (1)Arabi Press website will publish without disposal a story written by the field leader in Ming Airport, Capt Ma’an Issa, whose story tells a legendary in the resistance of terrorists’ attempt to attack the airport for about ten months.
Captain Issa tells honestly the story of Ming airport and what really happened there from the beginning of the crisis till the infiltration of the armed terrorists into the airport, which was similar to guerrilla warfare, in which the Army’s units in “Ming” have changed their tactics for several times. Also the terrorists have experienced hard attempts to enter the military training airport for ten months, hundreds of terrorists have attacked the airport versus only 400 soldiers of Syrian Army.
Arabi Press website will broadcast a series of epic episodes about our brave soldiers, who have experienced heavy confrontations with the insurgents, lack of ammunition and supplies, ferocity of armed attacks with the most modern weaponry in return for uninterrupted supply for the Army’s units.
Daily details about Ming Airport:
In the first episode, Captain Maan Issa tells about the beginning the airport siege, which coincided with the sprung up of anti-government demonstrations in Aleppo north countryside. After that, attacks began, the thing that forced the Army to change its military classical tactics, and to engage the guerrilla warfare, especially after launching an offensive and intensive attack on the airport: “At 2:30 am, an armed attack was launched on the airport in the coordination with members inside the airport, who burnt an aircraft and three fuel tanks and sabotaged some vehicles.
The diary of Captain Maan Issa:
Due to what happened in Syria of ravage and tragedy crisis, there is under every roof and behind every wall a story, which varies in details from other stories, but all of them are filled with suffering, fear and sadness. At the same time, they are filled with championships and steadfastness, which the history will write, and reveal in the future. The history will speak about the epics that the Syrian Army’s heroes have passed through, including the story of Ming Airport.
Ten months of suffocating siege within an environment, which was not only an incubator of terrorism, but also the place where terrorists grew up and thousands of Arab and Foreign trained fighters, who are provided with the sophisticated arms.
There was about 400 soldiers in Ming airport versus thousands of armed mercenaries estimated at 30.000 of different nationalities and within ten months they (the mercenaries) have sustained heavy casualties and losses.
Ming Airport won with the forearms of our brave soldiers…. Yes, he won with the believe, the faith and the dogma of our Army, which inflicted the militants heavy casualties exceeded 8000 gunmen, according to their admissions. Even how they fled from the airport was a new sign of the Army’s triumph.
We will try in these episodes to highlight the stories of a constellation of our Syrian knights, and to praise their steadfastness and acclimation with the siege’s conditions, to let the whole world knows who the heroes of Syrian Arab Army are.
As you all know, the north area of Aleppo has been involved in the events and turmoil in June 2011, where anti-government demonstrations took in the streets and some stores were closed in some towns, such as Andan, Tal Raf’at and Maree. Later, this phenomena started to extend as a spot of oil to other villages and towns, and the rebels started to burn wheels, block the roads, attack the police stations, besiege and attack the security detachments. Ming airport is a military training airport located in Aleppo north countryside, 40 km far from Aleppo city,
In 27-2-2012, a military vehicle, loaded with food coming from Aleppo on the way to the airport, was targeted near Bianon village, claiming the life of the driver Cpl. Ali Kadour. In the end, the residents of Nuble and al-Zahraa had thankfully withdrew the car and the body to the village. In the second day, at 2:30am, some gunmen launched an armed attack along with members were inside the airport who burnt an aircraft and three fuel tanks and sabotaged some vehicles.
In the second episode: a military campaign to Aleppo north countryside, the airport’s members, avoiding the lake of confronting the guerrilla warfare, continuous confrontations, withdrawing the Air Defense brigade to inside, hindering the reach of supplies and cut off the world.

Source: Breaking News Network – Arabi Press

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