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Israeli settlers now feel ‘imminent’ demise of fragile entity: Hezbollah

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has highlighted the role of Palestinian resistance against Israel, saying the regime’s political and social crises have caused the settlers in the occupied territories to feel the "imminent" demise of the illegal entity.

Ammar al-Musawi, the head of Hezbollah’s foreign relations department, made the remarks in an address to the 32nd session of the Arab National Conference in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Sunday.

The two-day event, held under the title of ‘Jenin’, hosts 180 political, cultural and media personalities from 17 Arab countries.

“What is happening in occupied Palestine represents a major development in resistance and applies to all aspects of the Palestinian struggle,” Musawi said, adding that the ongoing campaign against the resistance movement and its weapons is “a slander, distortion and continuation of the Israeli wars against Lebanon.”

The head of Hezbollah’s foreign relations department said resistance is the Islamic Ummah’s first choice in working to restore its rights, especially in Palestine.

Underlining that resistance must continue, Musawi said, “The foreboding of civil strife within the Zionist entity is another image of the fragile entity, whose residents feel the imminence of its demise.”

Musawi also pointed to the decline of US role after the recent regional agreements, saying the new international developments provide “an opportunity to establish a new world order based on pluralism.”

The Hezbollah official emphasized that the US’s desperate attempts to prevent its downfall by waging conflicts or imposing starvation “must be confronted.”

On Saturday, tens of thousands of demonstrators flocked to the streets across the occupied territories for the 30th straight week against hugely unpopular policies spearheaded by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet.

Public outrage against the regime’s policies has grown since Monday, when Israel’s Knesset passed the first bill of Netanyahu’s controversial judicial overhaul plan after opposition lawmakers left the session. The bill scraps the “reasonableness” law, through which the regime’s Supreme Court can overturn decisions made by Israeli cabinet such as ministerial appointments.

Now in their 30th week, thousands-strong protests rage on against Israeli cabinet’s policies

If the plan is passed in its entirety, it will hand Israeli cabinet a greater say in the appointment of the court’s judges, while downgrading the status of the legal advisers who are attached to ministers.

Israel’s internal crisis has been concomitant with the regime’s daily raids on various cities of the West Bank under the pretext of detaining what it calls “wanted” Palestinians. The raids, mostly in Jenin and its refugee camp, usually lead to violent confrontations with residents.

Over the past months, Israel has ramped up attacks on Palestinian towns and cities throughout the occupied territories, as a result of which dozens of Palestinians have lost their lives and many others have been arrested.

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