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Idlib: Over 1,000 Syrian Army Soldiers Arrive Safely in Morek


Despite claims that the 11th Tank Division of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is caught behind enemy lines, contingents from the latter have arrived safely to the northern Hama city of Morek after they withdrew from Wadi Al-Deif Airbase. While some soldiers are still missing, the bulk of the fighters from Wadi Al-Deif have arrived, including the commander of the airbase, Brigadier General Shama’oun Suleiman of the 11th Tank Division.

The soldiers arrived in Morek to a warm welcome from their comrades, following their arduous journey through enemy territory that resulted in the death of some officers on the way to northern Hama. The total number of soldiers that arrived safely to Morek exceeded 1,000 men; however, some of those soldiers were badly wounded during their withdrawal from Wadi Al-Deif.

According to a military source in Idlib, the number of dead soldiers from 11th Tank Division and National Defense Forces (NDF) has been updated to 48; this number has not been finalized – there are still some soldiers missing-in-action (MIA).

The identified 11th Division Officers killed or wounded at Wadi Al-Deif:

1. Brigadier General Mou’az Waakad Abu ‘Assaaf (Sweida City, Sweida)
2. Colonel Wasseem ‘Al (Maysaf, Hama)
3. Lieutenant Raami ‘Issa – wounded-in-action (Maysaf, Hama)
4. 1st. Lieutenant Mohammad Khalil (Aleppo City, Aleppo)
5. Colonel Ahmad ‘Afouf – wounded-in-action (Aleppo City, Aleppo)
6. Captain ‘Arwa Haatim Taraaf (Baniyas, Tartous)

The first list of soldiers who arrived to Morek on Tuesday morning:

1. Brigadier General Riad Al-Younis
2. Brigadier General Shama’oun Suleiman
3. Qasi Al-‘Abbas
4. Hassan Al-Hammoud
5. Salaah Al-Hammoud
6. Moussa Mikael
7. ‘Ali Al-Shaamali
8. ‘Iyham Al-Khodor
9. ‘Issa Al-Hassan
10. Fahd Al-‘Aneezaan
11. Mohammad ‘Issa
12. Saamer Suleiman
13. ‘Ali Sheehan
14. Hakmat Khodor
15. Colonel Ahmad ‘Ibrahim
16. Brigadier General Zaher Hajjous
17. Mohammad Suleiman
18. Ahmad Saltoun
19. Fawaaz Suleiman
20. Colonel Ahmad ‘Issa
21. Wasseem Mohammad
22. Mohammad ‘Abdel-‘Aziz Salloum
23. ‘Alaa Salameh
24. ‘Alaa Iskendar Wassouf
25. Younis Mustafa
26. Kaamel ‘Abbas
27. Bashaar Al-Qaadi
28. Ghadeer Shalhoum
29. Hassan Mahmoud Shaheen
30. Basseem Dayyoub

Source: Almasdarnews

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