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Syria: ISIL Relocating Hundreds of Troops from Raqqa to Aleppo

The ISIL has dispatched tens of its terrorists to the town of Dabeq which is of strategic importance to the terrorist group, a group monitoring the war said on Saturday.

“A sum of 300 forces with full military equipment and vehicles have arrived in the Northern part of Aleppo,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The ISIL religious leaders convinced Abu Ayub al-Ansari Battalion to leave its positions in Northern Raqqa where they were fighting with Syrian Democratic Forces and to deploy in Dabeq.

In a relevant development earlier on Saturday, the Syrian military forces thwarted ISIL’s offensives on government positions in the Eastern battlefields of Aleppo province, claiming the lives of at least 30 terrorists and injuring many more.

The Syrian defenders, including four combat choppers and artillery and missile units, targeted the ISIL attacker, which ended in the killing of at least 30 militants and destructed of five armored vehicles of the terrorist group in Rasm al-Alam near Tak Maksour.

The ISIL terrorists could not advance under the heavy shelling of the Syrian armed forces and fled the battlefield.

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