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Homs: Syrian Army Wins back More Lands East of Palmyra



Syrian military forces stormed ISIL’s defense lines in the Eastern territories of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and won control over several silos in the gas-rich region.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and its military hardware sustained major damage in the Syrian soldiers’ offensive in Arak gas-rich region.

After hours of fierce clashes, the Syrian army pushed ISIL back from wheat silos.

Syrian warplanes for their part pounded ISIL’s centers and vehicles along Palmyra-Al- Sukhnah, ending in destruction of ISIL’s vehicles carrying fresh forces.

Also on Monday, military sources said that Syrian army soldiers and National Defense Forces (NDF) fended off terrorists’ attacks to prevail over government forces’ positions along a road connecting Homs to Tartus port, stressing that the army has kept full control over the road.

“The Syrian government forces deployed in al-Wa’ar district in Homs city did not allow terrorist groups to cut off Homs-Tartus road from al-Kherab street, inflicting major casualties on the terrorists,” the sources said.

“Syrian military forces engaged in heavy fighting with terrorists in al-Wa’ar and al-Basateen districts near al-Zara’a square. In the meantime, Syrian army’s artillery units and air force targeted militants’ centers in al-Wa’ar and destroyed their bases and equipment,” they added.

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