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Ansarullah condemns violation of Yemen’s sovereignty after US, UK raids

Yemen's ruling Ansarullah resistance movement has condemned in the strongest terms the latest US and British airstrikes against multiple sites across the country, describing them as a violation of “the sovereignty of an independent state”.

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, who serves as the spokesman of Yemen’s National Salvation Government, of which Ansarullah is a major part, said in a statement on Sunday that the US and Britain had violated Yemen’s sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity by carrying out repeated attacks against the country in recent weeks.

“The continued US-British attacks on Yemen … are in line with futile attempts to prevent Yemen from continuing its support position for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” said Abdul-Salam in an Arabic post on his page on the X.

“We reiterate that Yemen will stick to its humanitarian and religious position in support of Gaza by preventing Israeli ships or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine, and we have every right to respond to the ongoing US-British aggression against our beloved country,” he said.

The US and UK said in a joint statement on Saturday that their latest military action against Yemen had targeted 18 sites in eight locations across the country.

It went on to say that the attacks were supported by Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

Spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree said earlier that the country’s naval units had targeted the US oil tanker TORM THOR in the Gulf of Aden with a number of anti-ship missiles.

In a televised statement, Saree added that the Yemeni forces also targeted US warships in the Red Sea with several drones.

He stressed that these operations had come in support of the Palestinians, who are suffering in the blockaded Gaza because of Israeli aggression and siege, and were in response to US and British airstrikes on Yemen.

The US and Britain have been carrying out strikes against Yemen after Washington and its allies offered the Tel Aviv regime their unqualified support and said that Yemeni forces bear the consequences of their attacks against Israeli-linked ships sailing to and from the occupied territories.

Yemenis have declared their open support for Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation since the regime launched a devastating war on Gaza in October after Gaza-based resistance movements carried out a surprise attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying entity.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have said that they won’t stop their attacks until unrelenting Israeli ground and aerial offensives in Gaza, which have killed nearly 30,000 people and wounded around 70,000, come to a complete end.

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