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Tulkarm Brigade confronts IOF raid, reveals locally-made Ali-1 Explosive Device

In the latest confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces, the Tulkarm Brigade targeted a D9 Israeli occupation bulldozer, lighting it on fire using an Ali-1 explosive device, announcing this was the first time it was put to service.

In the West Bank, the Al-Quds Brigades – Tulkarm Brigade reportedly repelled an Israeli occupation forces incursion into the outskirts of the Nur Shams refugee camp lasting over 24 hours.

In a statement, the Brigade announced that during direct confrontations, many Israeli occupation soldiers were confirmed injured and their vehicles disabled or damaged.

Video footage showed Resistance fighters firing heavily at the occupation forces in the vicinity of the camp, where armed confrontations broke out.

The occupation forces raided the city of Tulkarm from its western axis and headed towards the Shweika suburb in the north before storming the Iktaba suburb, amid confrontations and heavy gunfire in the area.

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