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Hezbollah stages drone attack on ‘israeli’ Iron Dome missile system in support of Gaza

The Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah announces launching a drone attack against the Israeli regime's Iron Dome missile system in the northern part of the occupied territories.

In a statement carried by Lebanon’s al-Manar television network on Thursday, the movement said it had launched “two kamikaze drones” against an Israeli missile system and Iron Dome platforms near the regime’s Kfar Blum settlement.

The drone strike, the movement said, came “in support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.”

The regime has been waging a genocidal war against Gaza since October 7, 2023 following an operation carried out by the Palestinian territory’s resistance groups.

Around 25,900 Palestinians, some 70 percent of whom are women, children, and adolescents, have been killed in the brutal onslaught so far, while 64,110 others have been injured.

Following the onset of the war, the Israeli regime began conducting sporadic attacks against Lebanon, which sparked a firefight with Hezbollah.

The firefight has grown remarkably in intensity following a spate of assassinations carried out by the regime, including against Saleh al-Arouri, a senior official of the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas, who was martyred in a targeted killing operation on January 2.

The confrontation has seen the Israeli regime targeting areas lying in southern Lebanon, using United States-made white phosphorous shells, among other types of ammunition.

Also on Thursday, Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA) reported an Israeli aerial attack against a home in the village of Tayr Harfa.

White phosphorous shells were also dropped on the outskirts of the village of Alma al-Shaab and the town of Dhaira, the NNA said.

Dozens of Hezbollah members and Lebanese civilians have been killed in the Israeli attacks.

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