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Elections greatest power against enemies



President Hassan Rouhani has emphasized that elections guarantee the Islamic Revolution and mark the greatest power against enemies.

Iran’s president made the remarks on Saturday morning in Tehran while addressing a congress on Iran’s 2017 presidential elections attended by people in charge of the event.

He appreciated efforts made by the country’s managers and official who carry the heavy responsibility of serving the nation specially in recent weeks in time with heavy rainstorms and snowstorms in several parts of the country.

“En route to security, as a must-have component for every country, several measures need to be taken,” highlighted Rouhani adding “one major responsibility is paying due attention to environmental issues which demand careful planning.”

He expressed hope that the new year will bring happiness and joy to the nation who witnessed a number of bitter incidents in the present year like a recent train crash and the collapse of Plasco shopping center.

The official said other key components of security were water, food and health which remain as top priorities; “in the absence of these features, we cannot expect people to participate in political activities like elections.”

He deemd national unity and social capital the most significant elements in the country asserting “security will disappear once discord is shaped among people or trust is killed among various ethnic groups no matter how much military forces are strengthened.”

“Both in internal and foreign affairs, the government mainly relies on social capital and trust of people,” underscored the Iranian president saying “unfortunately, some keep criticizing the government without considering adverse effects of their action on the public trust.”

He reiterated that the whole nation was on the same boat and members of the same family; “religious or political issues should never cause discord between us.”.

“At a time when enemies imposed sanctions against Iran to apply economic pressures, the Leader prudently emphasized the need for Resistance Economy,” he continued.

Rouhani expressed optimism that the targeted economic growth of five per cent will be realized by the end of the current year; “as promised, the government also managed to reduce inflation rate to lower than 10 per cent.”

He went on to enumerate a number of recent achievements by the government including self-sufficiency in wheat production as Iran has now turned into an exporter of the agricultural product.

Growth in non-oil exports and renovation of the country’s aviation fleet were other major accomplishments mentioned by President Rouhani.

Later, he emphasized the need to respect rights of citizens urging all officials to offer best services to the nation in various sectors.

President of Iran also touched upon positive outcomes of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) saying “we feel proud that IR-8 centrifuges came on stream following Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers.”

Iran is now trading nuclear products like heavy water which has so far been deployed to Russian and American markets, he continued.

Rouhani, while reiterating that JCPOA was a win-win agreement, said “we managed to put forward the idea that Iran is after cooperation with the world.”

Later into his remarks, the official pointed to the upcoming Presidential Elections in May “people have had massive and praiseworthy participation in recent elections as the country witnessed an election with maximum security and poll in a healthy competition.”

He referred to the need to encourage people to set a record turnout for the upcoming elections not in words but in action; “the nation needs to realize how important election are for the glory of Iran.”

Hassan Rouhani also warned against exploiting public facilities for the benefit of an individual or a certain political party. He also noted that elections should never become polarized as it turns into a contest between parties; “rather, the ideal election the one in which candidates compete in the true sense of the word.”.

“Elections guarantee the Islamic Revolution and mark the greatest power against enemies,” said the official adding “elections determine the faith of the country as we put a trustworthy candidate in charge of national security and lives of our children.”

At the end of his remarks, President Rouhani expressed hope that Iran will witness a healthy, competitive and regulatory and stunning election which will disappoint enemies and bring hope to friends.

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