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Hezbollah Soldiers Have Excelled Zionist Elite Troops: ‘Israel’



The augmenting weaponry capabilities as well as the warfare experience have intensified the Zionist entity’s fears and concerns, according to the annual report issued by the Israeli ‘national’ security research institute.

The report which estimated the main perils that challenge the Zionist entity in 2017 maintained that Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas do threaten the Zionist ‘national’ security.

The report also called the Zionist leadership to improve ties with the United States and the ‘moderate’ Arab countries.

Maariv newspaper pointed that what must frighten the Israelis is that Hezbollah has started to consider the quality, not the quantity, of his rocketry power, adding that the Resistance fighters have gained the skills and capabilities missed by Zionist elite troops.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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