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Hezbollah Says Wants Powerful President “Who Will Never Plot against Resistance”

Deputy Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush stressed on Friday that the resistance party wants a powerful president that is for all Lebanese people.

During Friday sermon, Sheikh Daamoush affirmed that Hezbollah has been doing his duties in defending Lebanon and serving the interests of its people as well as preserving its resources.

“As we do our duty we are not waiting for any political gains in return. We neither want to dominate the country nor to impose a president,” the Hezbollah senior figure said in remarks carried by Al-Manar.

He noted that Hezbollah wants a president based on two things: “First, we want for Lebanon to remain strong with its resistance, army and people against the Zionist enemy. Second, we call for prioritizing plans aimed at solving the economic crises Lebanon has been suffering from.”

“Hezbollah wants a powerful president who is for all Lebanese people and preserve the country’s unity and national peace. Hezbollah wants a president who will never plot against resistance.”

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