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Sheikh Qassem: Advocates of Sedition in Lebanon Serve US-Israeli Plot

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General sheikh Naim Qassem warned against the danger posed by the advocates of the sectarian strife, stressing that they server the Israeli-US plot in Lebanon.

In a tweet posted Monday, Sheikh Qassem said that the promoters of sedition are desperate and unsuccessful, adding that Hezbollah will confront their exposed reality with morality and honesty.

His eminence added, “We pray to God for the safety of the Lebanese people from the epidemic of sedition instigators.”

In light of the crime of murdering Sheikh Ahmad Shoaib Al-Rifai in the northern city of Akkar, Hezbollah issued a statement to condemn the unjust accusations thrown on it by political forces, politicians, clerics, media, journalists, and activists, without any evidence or justification.

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