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Hezbollah Poses Greatest Threat to ‘israel’: Zionist Daily Jerusalem Post

The Zionist paper, Jerusalem Post, indicated that the Israeli military establishment continues to view Hezbollah as the greatest threat to ‘Israel’, highlighting the Resistance ground forces and rocketry capabilities.

The paper claimed that Hezbollah possesses 150,000 rockets and Rudwan special invasion forces, noting that borders with Lebanon have been quiet since 2006 war.

“Hezbollah is on the fence, so we get ready for everything,” a Zionist military officer told the paper anonymously, “Hezbollah soldiers gained experience in Syria. They are more independent operators, have heavier firepower, use lookouts, battle formations.”

Jerusalem Post concluded the article by considering that the border calm may be could be deceiving and temporary.

Border Fence

In this regard, the Zionist occupation military continued constructing the fence along the borders with Lebanon, erecting more cement blocks off Aita Shaab town.

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