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Zahhar: Hamas will not give up resistance



Senior Member of Hamas’s political bureau Mahmoud al-Zahhar has affirmed that the Movement would not renounce its armed struggle against the Israeli occupation and would never fight a battle outside Palestine’s borders.

In a speech during the general conference of the Islamic Bloc in Gaza City on Wednesday, Zahhar said that Hamas would never surrender and would continue to resist the occupation until its removal from Palestine.

He stressed that Palestine is not Gaza or the West Bank alone, adding that Palestine extends from the Lebanese-Syrian borders to the Egyptian borders and from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river.

The Hamas official also highlighted that the national reconciliation cannot be a mixture of security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and resistance.

Talking about the late co-founder of Hamas Movement Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, he said that the wheel-chaired martyr and leader had given the Arab and Muslim nations a lesson that any physical disability could not be a pretext for them not to work for their own causes and concerns.

“The generation that Sheikh Ahmed Yassin had brought up succeeded in changing the Zionist security system from offense to defense, and it is able to liberate Palestine, God willing,” Zahhar said.


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