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Haneyya to Israel: Be prepared for massive rallies on May 15



Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has called for massive participation in the March of Return protests slated for May 15 to mark the 70th Nakba anniversary in all areas of occupied Palestine.

“Be prepared for the human flood on all Palestinian borders inside and outside the occupied territories on the Nakba anniversary,” Haneyya said during his participation in a protest on Friday in a Gaza border area.

He made his remarks in response to Israeli threats to attack Gaza protesters if they continued to rally near the border fence.

“The March of Return will remove all barbed wire and borders to prepare for our return to the occupied Palestinian land,” the Hamas official emphasized.

He affirmed that Israel’s threats would only boost the protesters’ fortitude and their determination to continue their March of Return rallies and would never frighten them.

On Friday morning, the Israeli occupation army dropped warning leaflets on Gaza protest areas, saying the lives of protesters would be in danger and

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