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Hamas: We refuse to engage in fighting inside refugee camps



The Hamas Movement in Lebanon has denied information talking about its participation in the fighting that took place with a militant group in Ein el-Hilweh camp and its withdrawal from the joint Palestinian security force in the camp.

In press remarks to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, spokesman for Hamas in Lebanon Ra’fat Murrah affirmed that his Movement did not take part in the armed clashed with unruly elements in Ein el-Hilweh.

Murrah expressed his Movement’s rejection of engaging in any fighting inside refugee camps, denying that Hamas withdrew from the joint security force in Ein el-Hilweh because there was no coordination with it before taking the step of starting a new gun battle with the Badr group.

He stressed that Hamas is an essential part of the security force that is responsible for maintaining the camp’s security and stability and putting an end to violence without engaging in battles inside it.

Violent armed clashes broke out last Thursday in the camp between the militant Badr group and members of the joint security force, which is composed of main Palestinian factions.

Last April, seven people were killed in clashes in the camp between the Badr group and the joint security unit after it was deployed there.

The son of the Badr group’s leader was killed in Thursday’s clashes and a member of the security forces died from


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