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Hamas: Israel tries to cover up crimes by arresting journalists


Hamas Movement on Monday condemned the Israeli arresting of four journalists at dawn in Ramallah, saying that it exposes Israeli crimes against civilians and journalists in order to silence the voice of truth.

Mousa Doudin, member of Hamas’s Political Bureau, stated that detaining the female writer Lama Khater days ago then apprehending journalists Alaa al-Rimawi, Mohamed Ulwan, Quteibah Hamdan, and Husni Najas proves the Israeli policies of silencing Palestinian pressmen in order to cover up for the Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

He pointed out that these criminal measures will never mute the voice of truth and will not deter Palestinians from exposing the Israeli crimes.

Doudin asked all Palestinian journalists to go on covering the news and exposing Israeli violations. He also called on international and human rights organizations to protect and defend journalists and their right to work freely.

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