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Hamas: Israel hastened to calm the recent tension in Gaza

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil al-Hayya said the Israeli occupation state hastened to calm and halt the military confrontation with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, which took place on Tuesday.

In televised remarks on al-Aqsa satellite channel on Thursday, Hayya warned Israel of trying to impose a new fait accompli through killing Palestinian citizens and attacking Gaza without receiving a response.

The Hamas official affirmed that there were many contacts underway and ideas on the table about the situation in Gaza, adding that all information in this regard would be made public soon.

He stressed that the March of Return rallies would not stop until the world woke up to the fact that there are Palestinian refugees who need to return to their homeland, cities and towns, and until the blockade on Gaza was lifted.

“We are an occupied people and we have the right to confront the occupation with popular, peaceful and military means, and this what many people of the world have done before to face occupying powers, he stated.

Hayya also urged the Palestinian masses in Gaza to march en masse to east Gaza on Friday to participate in the March of Return rallies, which will be held under the slogan “From Gaza to Haifa.”

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