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Canada’s repression against Palestinians, supporters, growing: CPA

A statement by the Canada Palestine Association criticizes the double standards of Canadian politicians and media regarding how they treat pro-Palestine activists and groups versus how they treat Zionists.

A statement titled “Stop Harassing anti-Genocide Advocates for Palestine!” by the Canada Palestine Association discusses how the repression against Palestinians and their supporters has been increasing in Canada in recent months.

According to the statement, every major city in the country has witnessed politically motivated cases claiming fraudulent charges against activists who stand against Zionism and its narrative.

One of those cases took place a few days ago in Vancouver BC, as the international coordinator of Samidoun, Charlotte Kates, was shortly detained and charged with “hate speech” offenses.

The condition for her release was for her not to take part in any “protests, rallies or assemblies” until her court date of October 8, which was triggered by her stance of supporting the right of Palestinians to resist their Zionist oppressor and for saying “Long Live October 7” during a rally speech on April 26, the statement wrote.

According to the statement, Kates, Samidoun and her husband Khaled Barakat have been the center of a “witch-hunt” by the Zionist lobby for multiple years now, as this lobby has been pushing the federal government to add Samidoun to the country’s “terrorist” list with CIJA, even adding this demand to their last election campaign.

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