Enemies of Syria

Foreign-backed Syrian opposition sacks FSA commander and chief of staff

alalam_635394857361117779_25f_4x3-300x173The military command of the so-called Free Syrian Army that has been leading a three-year old war in Syria has been sacked over ‘corruption’ allegations, as the group is gripped with deep power struggles and disagreements.
A statement by the group said that its chief Ahmad Tohme “decided to disband the Supreme Military Council and refer its members to the government’s financial and administration committee for investigation.”
Earlier this month the group saw nine military commanders quitting over group leaders’ failures to absorb more foreign support for continuing their extremist-marked war in their own country.
The decision came amid widespread reports of corruption within the ranks of the FSA, which is receiving financial and military support from Western and some regional countries to overthrow the Syrian government.
The opposition which has formed a ‘government’ for itself in exile said that it was also sacking FSA chief of staff Brig. Gen. Abdel-Ilah Bashir.
It called on its forces, mixed with numerous radical groups, to set up within a month a new defense council and to fully restructure their forces’ command.
The announcement on Facebook came as US President Barack Obama asked Congress to approve $500 million to train and equip the militant groups which they called ‘moderate’.
The developments in Syria are being overshadowed by the unrest in neighboring Iraq where the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, one of the main militant forces siding with the FSA in its war in Syria, has been killing scores of civilians and army soldiers to occupy more lands.
Since the foreign-charged war in Syria started three years ago, the United States has provided widespread political and military support to the militant groups to help them overthrow the government.
Earlier this month National Security Advisor Susan Rice acknowledged that the Pentagon was also delivering “lethal” support.

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