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Father Hanna slams PA attempts to normalize relations with Israel



Father Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of the Palestinian Orthodox Church in Occupied Jerusalem, has expressed his rejection of any visits by Arab figures and delegations to Palestine in order to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation.

“We noticed lately that there were visits of a pro-normalization nature that were far away from any solidarity with the Palestinian people. They are political and media figures visiting Palestine in order to show solidarity with the occupation without any consideration for any moral, human or national values,” Father Hanna stated in a press release.

He condemned, in particular, a delegation of Arab media figures for visiting Palestine nowadays, describing their visit as “an unprecedented pro-normalization activity.”

The Archbishop stressed that such visit would harm the Palestinian cause and serve the Israeli occupation that seeks to promote its story and justify its policies towards the Palestinian people.

“Such suspicious visits that we have seen recently are a serious and worrying development,” he said, affirming that he would not receive any members of these delegations during their visit to Jerusalem.


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