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EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Army Advances in Deir Ezzur, ISIL Starts Retreat

The Syrian army made military gains in the Deir Ezzur as Takfiri terrorists started withdrawing from the Eastern province, FNA dispatches said.
The army units backed by popular National Defense Forces made considerable advances in the regions in the Eastern parts of Deir Ezzur military airport, killing tens of ISIL terrorists on Friday.

The Syrian army destroyed a large number of hideouts of ISIL terrorist group in Deir Ezzur, dispatches said.

The army troops also destroyed the armored vehicles of the terrorists.

Last week, Syrian army inflicted major losses on the ISIL after the terrorists attempted to launch an attack against an air base in Deir Ezzur.

According to Syrian media reports, more than 200 ISIL terrorists participated in a major operation in an attempt to take over Deir Ezzur’s military airport, but the Syrian troops managed to drive them out, forcing them to flee the battlefield.

The reports added that large groups of the terrorists lost their lives in the operation.

The ISIL Takfiri terrorists currently control shrinking swathes of Syria and Iraq. They have threatened all communities, including Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Ezadi Kurds and others, as they continue their atrocities in Iraq.

Senior Iraqi officials have blamed Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some Persian Gulf Arab states for the growing terrorism in their country.

The ISIL has links with Saudi intelligence and is believed to be indirectly supported by the Israeli regime.

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