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Syria: ISIL Terrorists Withdraw from more Positions East of Homs


The Syrian Army troops’ anti-terrorism operation in Eastern Homs drove ISIL out of more strategic territories in energy-rich regions near the terrorist-held desert town of Arak.
The Syrian soldiers continued their advances against the ISIL strongholds along Palmyra-al-Sukhnah road and took full control over T-3 oil pumping station and Arak passage, which also ended in the killing or wounding of tens of the militants.

In the meantime, the Syrian army restored security to al-Talaleh crossroad and gained fire control over al-Talaleh region that is a desert under the ISIL control.

Informed sources also said that the ISIL is pulling out it fighters from Eastern Homs and redeploying them in Raqqa province.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) continued to hit ISIL’s strongholds in the oil and gas-rich regions of Eastern Homs and restore security to more territories there.

The Syrian government force, backed up by the heavy shelling of artillery units, stormed the Takfiri terrorists’ positions East of Palmyra (Tadmur) and approached more then ever to the Arak oilfield.

The artillery units also shelled surrounding of T-3 oil pump station near al-Talaleh and al-Sukhnah, which ended in the killing or wounding of at least 55 militants.

The Syrian army also hit the ISIL lines of defense hard near al-Kaziyeh region and its farms and reinvigorated the security of Eastern countryside of Tadmur.

The Syrian government forces also capture three more key areas along Tadmur-Arak road near the Eastern silos.

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