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Even in Martyrdom, They Refused to be Apart: Hassan and Yasser

Hassan and Yasser’s martyrdom drew new equations first because of the martyrdom itself and second because it came in concurrence with the Israeli breach to Lebanon’s sovereignty after a surveillance drone fell in the Southern Suburb of Beirut (Dahiyeh).

Another significant trace in these two young men was their everlasting childhood friendship that impressed everyone who heard about it.

Hassan, from Nabatieh, born in 1996, and Yasser from Blida village, born in 1997, got martyred after an Israeli rocket targeted their residence in Damascus Saturday midnight while they were performing their duty.

They are both engineering students who have been friends since childhood as they went to the same school (Al-Mahdi Shahed) to later attend the same university in Iran and join the same program (Civil engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad).

They are both sons of employees in Al-Manar TV channel, too.


“Everyone who knew them admired their friendship, if you invited one of them for an outing no need to invite the other because he will definitely be there… They used to come together during the summer vacation to Lebanon and stay side by side… To later rise together to the heavens as matyrs with the fire of the Israeli enemy…” one of their friends wrote on Facebook shortly after their martyrdom.

Another person wrote: “when one of Hassan’s friends heard about his martyrdom, he immediately tried to contact Yasser to check the news since they were always together… He did not know that Yasser also wouldn’t answer.”

A significant post on Facebook with the pictures of the two Martyred friends said: “I will only enter it (heaven) if you were with me…. I agree,” in reference to the pact of brotherhood that is usually vowed on Al Ghadeer day, which was only a couple of days before their martyrdom.

The martyrs' fathers congratulating each others
The martyrs’ fathers congratulating each others

Yasser’s father was quoted as saying to Hassan’s father as he was offering him condolences: “Did you see? Even in martyrdom they refused to be apart!”

He also appeared in a video posted on Facebook saying: “We are part of those people who sacrificed. This path will only continue with the blood of the martyrs and hopefully we are promised with victory, a victory that we have to pay its price. Nothing comes without a price and this is a great blessing, the blessing of allegiance and martyrdom…”

Hassan and Yasser left as we are getting close to Ashura. Their bloodshed was a truthful pledge of allegiance to the path of Imam Hussein (as) and this year their condolence was the most generous of all.


The corpses of the two martyrs were taken to Sayyeda Zeinab shrine Sunday for their last visit and brought to Lebanon to be buried in Al-Hawraa Zeinab cemetery in the Southern Suburb of Beirut on Monday.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah mourned the two martyrs on Sunday and reassured that he will implement the vow he made after the Qunaitra attack in 2015 to avenge for any attack or harm the Israeli inflicts on any of Hezbollah’s members.

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that he targeted an Iranian military base in Damascus was a lie and that the location targeted was for Hezbollah, thus he addressed the “Israeli” saying: “Stand on the wall, one leg up, and wait for our response, it might take a day or two or three or four.” He also assured the Israelis that “what happened yesterday will not remain unanswered and Netanyahu is preparing for an election on the price of your blood, he is bringing war to you from all sides.”

Zionist media said the IOF Spokesperson’s Unit has released “detailed information” on Monday morning on the two Lebanese fighters.

They boasted that the IOF have published pictures of the two on board a flight to Iran “to take part in one of the training sessions.” However, the picture was being circulated publicly and Hassan and Yasser have shared it in the past on their Facebook accounts after one of their flights to Iran for studying.

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