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Evacuation of north Homs terrorists delayed upon Turkey’s request


Turkey has asked Russia to postpone the evacuation of another batch of rebel fighters in north Homs until tomorrow as more militants hand over their weapons.

The evacuation was delayed until the first two batches are settled in camps particularly set up for this purpose in the northern cities of Jarabulus and al-Bab.

Up to 6194 militants and their families have left north Homs pocket in 2 batches after concluding a deal with the Syrian government.

Meanwhile, more rebel fighters continue to hand over their weapons ahead the evacuation. The weapons surrendered today include 1 BMP, 4 mortar launches with mortar shells, B9 gun, MLRs size 107 mm, 1 heavy 14.5 mm machine gun and 1 heavy 23 mm gun as well as some home-made rockets and explosives devices.

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