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Douma: Syrian Army Launches Offensive against Jeish Al-Islam after Terrorists Sabotage Evacuation Deal



The Syrian Army troops kicked off attacks on Jeish al-Islam’s positions after the terrorist group violated the ceasefire agreement in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta and shelled safe corridors, field sources reported on Saturday.

The Jeish al-Islam terrorist group halted evacuation of its gunmen from Douma and refused to free kidnapped civilians, the sources said, adding that the terrorist groups, meantime, launched rocket attack on al-Wafedeen camp humanitarian corridor, injuring a number of fleeing civilians.

In the meantime, the terrorist group opened fire at al-Mazeh, al-Rabouh, al-Omaween square and Barzeh in Eastern Ghouta on Friday, killing at least five civilians and injuring 30 more, the sources said.

The sources went on to say that the Syrian army and air force responded to the terrorists’ breach of truce and struck their positions in Douma.

Meantime, a field sources said that the army will continue its operation against Jeish al-Islam in Douma until the group frees the kidnapped civilians.

Over 630 Jeish al-Islam terrorists and their family members left Douma in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus for Northern Syria on Thursday.

Military sources said on Thursday that the third group of Jeish al-Islam terrorists and family members, consisting of 635 people, left Douma for Jarabulus on 13 buses through al-Wafedeen corridor.

They added that the Syrian army freed 13 civilians, including several women and children, who were kidnapped by Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta.

Meantime, field sources said that nearly 4,000 militants and their family members have left Douma since the start of the humanitarian ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta.

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